B.C. launches Skills for Jobs Blueprint to re-engineer education and training

VICTORIA – The Government of British Columbia today unveiled a comprehensive strategy to re-engineer B.C.’s education and apprenticeship systems, entitled “B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint: Re-engineering Education and Training”.

The announcement was made at the B.C. Parliament Buildings in a celebration that brought together students, educators and employers to profile skilled trades that will soon be in high demand.

British Columbia currently invests more than $7.5 billion annually in education and training. Re-engineering B.C.’s education and training system means targeting more of these resources to meet labour market priorities. Beginning this fiscal year, over $160 million will be allocated to re-engineering education and training in B.C. In four years, this will reach nearly $400 million annually. And over the span of the Province’s 10 Year Plan, this represents about $3 billion redirected toward training for high-demand occupations.

B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint lays out a major shift to a data-driven system where training dollars and programs are targeted to jobs in demand. This system will also be outcome focused. Success will be measured and funding and programs adjusted as the economy evolves.

The Blueprint delivers on the throne-speech promise to give young people a seamless path from school through to the workplace. Anchored by a strong emphasis on labour needs throughout the province, including those of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) sector, B.C.’s Blueprint sets out three overarching objectives to maximize the potential of B.C.’s workforce:

1. A head-start to hands-on learning in our schools.
2. A shift in education and training to better match jobs in demand.
3. A stronger partnership with industry and labour to deliver training and apprenticeships.

These objectives are supported by key actions designed to put British Columbians first in line to fill the one million job openings expected by 2022. The plan also prioritizes the education and training needs of British Columbia’s Aboriginal people with the goal of significantly increasing their participation in the workforce.
As part of the launch of B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint, government is also releasing the final results of the Industry Training Authority (ITA) review. The final report sets out a further 29 recommendations to strengthen B.C.’s trades training system and increase the number of apprentices and certified tradespeople in priority sectors like LNG.

B.C.’s Skills for Jobs Blueprint will be implemented in partnership with government, education, industry, labour and Aboriginal stakeholders throughout the province.

Source: British Columbia Newsroom

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